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90 min live webinar
Sisterhood ~ Connection ~  Learning 
 Development ~ Purpose ~ Impact
What is GIFEW Membership?
A global community of women who grow, develop, and collaborate together to fulfil on their individual and collective purpose.
What is GIFEW?
GIFEW is a place where women come to align their head, heart and souls. We do this together in a community of womenthrough education, dialogue and connection. 
We are a global sisterhood of women who want to make a difference to ourselves, each other, our families, communities an societies. 
90 min live webinar
Hosted by GIFEW Leader Katherine Longhi 
What will you get from your GIFEW Membership Exploration?
  • Experience the power of connecting with other evolving women
  • ​Receive hands on and practical mentoring from GIFEW Leaders
  • ​Ask your questions about GIFEW Membership
  • ​Create at least one action you can take after the call that will transform your life and your impact
  • ​Decide whether GIFEW Membership is right for you and your life’s mission
About Katherine Longhi:
Katherine is the Director of Communication at GIFEW and a stand for transformational feminine leadership.
She is committed to unleashing the greatest and most under-utilised resource this world has ever seen - GIRLPOWER! 
"It’s time for women to take their rightful place working in collaboration with men to transform humanity, raise the human level of consciousness, and evolve to a higher species." 
Would you like to find out more about GIFEW Membership before you attend GIFEW Membership Exploration? 
"Whenever an authentic voice is shared, it sets up a resonance that can be felt by others as a warm feeling, a recognition from within.
It lifts your energy, creates solidarity, as an inner sense of ‘yes’.. this is it!
I’ll be there for you.
A coming home together..
Welcome Home…" ~ Nienke van Bezooijen
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